Bash script to check when an azure’s service principal/application password or certificate expires

Sometimes you are gonna create a service principal on Azure Cloud that will manage some applications or automate some tasks. For example you might use a service principal to upload backups on Azure Storage. A service principal can be created with either password or a certificate but it has an expiration date by default. This means that in order to ensure that you can use your service principal and perform tasks you have assigned to it you have to change the password of certificate from time to time. I have created a simple script that uses azure-cli to check when the password or certificate expires. It can be executed via cron or a monit check and notify you.

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Expanding an unmanaged disk on Azure linux VM

I have been working on a new project where our VMs are hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud. The default OS disk size for most Linux distros in Azure is 30GB. We needed more space so instead of adding a new virtual disk I ‘ve found out that it is possible to expand the OS disk. When the VMs were initially launched they were launched with unmanaged disks.

You should have in mind that if you need to resize the OS disk that:

  • You will need to stop the VM in order to resize the disk
  • You can not shrink the disk once you had it expand. Disk size reduction is not supported

In the following example the disk of VM will be resized from 30GB to 300GB.

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