Executing multiple git post-receive hooks on git/gitolite server

In a past post of mine called Integrate git/gitolite server with slack I have mentioned how you could add a hook to your git/gitolite repository that would notify a slack channel about pushes made on your git server. But what about when you need to have multiple post-receive git hooks?

For example in one of the projects I have been working I wanted when a developer pushes something to develop branch of a specific repository a jenkins job should be triggered but at the same time a specific slack channel should be notified. I should either modify the git-slack-hook provided by Chris Eldredge or have a script named post-receive which would be used as a wrapper script that would call other hooks.

What I thought is that I should put each post-receive hook that I wanted to be executed named as post-receive-XX and then have a simple for loop that would call all those post-receive hooks. In my case I had a hook called post-receive-jenkins and one called post-receive-slack.

The post-receive script should look like this and put in the hooks directory of the project’s repository

for i in `find . -name "post-receive-*"  -type f -executable` 

As you may notice the script only searches for files under hooks directory which are named like post-receive-* and are executables and executes them with name order. So it will execute first the post-receive-jenkins and then the post-receive-slack hook.
This can work with multiple git hooks.



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