Running test-kitchen with other than .kitchen.yml configuration file

Till now I have been testing my chef cookbooks using kitchen on my laptop, which means that it’s done with vagrant and virtualbox as its provider. One of the things I wanted to try is to add jenkins in the whole process. I can only have a jenkins server as a KVM guest so this means that I can not have virtualbox as vagrant’s provider since VirtualBox can not run inside KVM. But LXC containers can run inside KVM. I would like to use LXC containers as an alternative vagrant provider since I would be doing my cookbooks’ testing on my laptop. This means that I should either manually change my .kitchen.yml file each time I want to use a different provider and execute “kitchen test” or execute kitchen with defining which config file it should be using. There is no such argument for kitchen.

While searching around I found a solution. You can define which kitchen yaml file it would be executed with the following way

$ KITCHEN_YAML="alternative_kitchen.yml" kitchen test

So in my cookbook I have two yaml files for kitchen, one .kitchen.yml which is executed when testing on my laptop with just “kitchen test” and one .kitchen-lxc.yml which is executed from jenkins as an “execute shell build step”

$ KITCHEN_YAML=".kitchen-lxc.yml" kitchen test



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