KVM Guest Disk Resizing

I ve been using KVM for virtualization. Sometimes we need to resize our VM’s disk. We can either expand or shrink. Below I am going to describe how we can do it.

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vagrant package breaks on undefined method

I have been using vagrant to develop chef cookbooks. Vagrant is a tool for managing virtualized development environments. When vagrant was initially launched supported VirtualBox only. As vagrant matured more providers were added like VMWare, AWS, Docker etc. I prefer using vagrant with its default provider, VirtualBox. I use vagrant 1.6.3 with ruby 1.9.3p547 on my Ubuntu 12.04 Lenovo U410 ultrabook.

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Why dimokaragiannis ?

My name is Dimosthenis Karagiannis but since I remember myself everybody calls me Dimos. So it would be more logical to use dimoskaragiannis than dimokaragiannis – the difference is just an (s). The reason that I ‘ve picked the latter is because of twitter’s limit on max length for its usernames. I have a pretty big name and surname and even if I used my short name (Dimos) and surname I would still exceed twitter’s limit. I would have picked dimka(nickname that I got on my first year in university which was given to me by the Computer’s Lab of Physics School,Aristotle University of Thessaloniki automatic system) but this was very common and already taken in both twitter.com and wordpress.com